NEW Changes on Yahoo! Groups


You might have noticed some changes around here today.

Welcome to the newly designed and reinvigorated Yahoo! Groups. This is the first spruce up that we’ve given Groups in several years, so we’re pretty excited about it. We hope you are too.

Our aim in the redesign was to give the site a more modern, fresh and simplified layout, while maintaining the features that our users currently enjoy.

 So what’s changed?

  1. Refreshed Groups site: Groups now has a clean, modernized interface.
  2. Simplified user experience: We’ve simplified processes. You can now create a new group in two steps rather than seven.
  3. New home page: All your Yahoo! groups are now visible on the left rail and accessible in a single click. You can now see all the updates from your groups on your Yahoo! Groups homepage.
  4. Conversations: “Messages “are now called “conversations”. We hope you like the threaded conversation experience and find it easy to manage your different conversation threads.
  5. New immersive photo experience: We’ve completely revamped the Groups photos experience. Photos upload faster and are now displayed in big, beautiful justified view
  6. Optimized Moderator tools: The newly optimized Control Panel lets moderators do more in fewer steps. Control who join and view content posted in your group in a single click using our present Group types “Public”, “Restricted” or “Private”.
  7. Groups on the go – You can now enjoy Groups from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet via the new mobile-optimized experience

Check out our brief overview video for a look at what’s new, you may also take the product tour that we’ve published to familiarize yourself with the new experience.  Please tell us what you think on our feedback forum.

Stay tuned for more coming in the near future and check back here for regular spotlight features on interesting groups, product updates and how-to guides.

We hope that this new version of Yahoo! Groups makes it easier for you to connect with people who share your passions, and to discover new ideas and stay informed on the topics that matter most to you.

-Yahoo! Groups Team